Blessings, joy.

To be grateful can only bring contentment. If we were to count our blessings, we’d see that we have many. But instead we seem to dwell on the things that make us miserable – the things that aren’t how we want them, things that are lacking and how people are being how we want them to be.

Perhaps we need to take a moment to step back. Then we find out we are taking things for granted, people for granted – not appreciating the things they do for us (or maybe we were grateful for these things before, but over time we got used to them and now expect them as a given). It’s like they say; it’s only when something is gone do you know what you’ve lost – what you miss. Then, you realise; how grateful you are for it, how you never appreciated it enough.

Truthfully, the real issue is not them but us. The notion we have that we need people in our lives to fill gaps is flawed – why should they? They owe us nothing. To have them in our lives is a blessing. Maybe the question we should be asking ourselves is “What do I want from someone else that I can give myself instead?”-  whether that be happiness, excitement, love or validation. If we are looking to other people to make us happy, then something is not right. When we learn how to make ourself happy first, anyone else in our lives who bring us happiness, adds to it not dictates it. Find out what makes you happy (for yourself), not from other people. It’s not that other people can’t make us happy, the ones we love most bring joy to our lives.

But realise that we feel the most loved when we are able to love others selflessly, when we give without expecting anything in return. That is true happiness.

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One thought on “Blessings, joy.

  1. Beautiful words my dear. Nothing less of what I expected of your first post to be. The realisation of this and being able to be independently happy is part of growing up. Once we do so, we are able to love selflessly because we have more happiness to give to those around us. This realisation comes with the nature of developing as a person. The more experiences we gain the older we get, the more we realise what true happiness is.

    I look forward to many more wonderful posts in the future,

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