Fear, Power.

Often we withhold our emotions and don’t take any action in fear that they will produce some unwanted consequence. When we fear the unknown; we are put into inaction, we are paralysed – stagnant in our pain. We would rather be in this situation than face the consequence of us taking action; even though it is causing us pain. The pain, although it is pain; is comfort, familiarity.

As long as we think the pain from the situation we’re in is less than the anticipated pain of the unknown; we won’t do anything about it. We often let ourselves believe that the consequence of our actions will be bad, so much worse than if we were to not do anything. It is the human condition to fear the worst. If we don’t move forward from this stagnation we will never make progress in life. Admitting to yourself truthfully that you are suffering in the current situation paradoxically brings relief because you are no longer pretending to yourself that you feel okay when you don’t. You alleviate the pain you cause yourself when you are not allowing yourself to feel the way you really do. The other part of the pain is from the situation itself. When you are aware and let yourself feel the full extent of all your emotions; you are able to become aware of the pain of the situation itself. Once you do this you shift from feeling helplessness to power; in knowing that you have enough self-compassion and value yourself enough that you want change and are no longer willing to live miserably.

Life is scary, it is scary not knowing, not being able to control the things that happen to us. (We experience bad things as well as good in life. It is all part of living.) But realise that we do, have control over how we react to the situations life throws at us. And to realise that, is a relief, a mental shift of fear to power. When we realise we are in control of our thoughts and emotions, our lives, we become infinite.

All content and photos are my own and subject to copyright.


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