On Making and Saving Money

Spending money is easy; saving money is hard and making money even harder.

There is no one method to make lots of money. You will have to experiment, go through much trial and error, exhausting all your ideas and resources before finding something that works for you.

Don’t make the mistake of sticking to one method and one method alone. As the famous saying goes “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.” Just because something worked for you before doesn’t mean it’ll work for you now. Things change fast. You need to keep adapting continuously so you can find the best way of making money now. Be flexible to change and move on to finding something better if things don’t go as well as you wanted them to. Don’t be stuck in doing things in a particular way – know when it is time to call quits.

Here are some tips to help you to save and make money, ideas that anyone can do with little or no money to begin with:

  • Budget. Quantify your spending. Write down what you are spending your money on each week, use a banking app if your bank has one. This way you can better understand exactly where all your money is going. If you see your money as written figures, you will be inclined to spend more wisely.


  • Spend physical cash. This idea extends from the previous idea of being able to quantify your money by some means. There is something powerful about paper notes, the feel of paper is more real than a plastic piece of card. Money is real! Each week take out your maximum amount of cash for spending and use that only.


  • Know the difference between what you actually need and what you just want. Minimise the unnecessary. Spend only on the essentials you cannot live without. You will have to be disciplined and cut back on spending, especially when you are in dire need of money.


  • Get money back for spending money using money saving websites. There is a whole variety of comparison websites such as Topcashback, Comparethemarket to help you save money on things you are already paying for, from house insurance to your everyday shopping. You can save up to hundreds of pounds this way. The websites are free themselves and you receive money directly paid into your account, there are no catches, you can sign up and use them for free.


  • Work. Work hard. Find a job, a minimum wage job even; it’ll do you good. Working for someone else makes you appreciate money – appreciate how hard it is to earn money. It shows you the job you don’t want to be stuck in, the type of life you don’t want. Take that as motivation to be innovative, to work for yourself instead of making money for someone else.


  • Sell your things.
  1. There are many different platforms to sell your old, unwanted items. For local pick up items such as furniture and electricals Trade-it and Gumtree are good. They are particularly good for selling large items, that would otherwise be costly if sold online, as buyers come to pick up.
  2. eBay is good for auctioning old, unwanted items from books to clothes, and Amazon for selling things for an arranged sale price.
  3. Depop is a fairly new selling app inspired by Instagram, where you can double tap to like an item or click to buy via Paypal. On Depop you can sell your old clothes and accessories. It is a social media platform, with galleries of candid fashion shots to blogger’s outfit-of-the-day type pictures; as well as a selling one.
  4. There are shops where you can sell your things like CEX, which gives you cash or product exchange value for old DVDs, laptops and other electronics.
  5. Another potential place to sell your old things is at a jumble sale. They say one man’s junk is another man’s treasure!


  • Switch bank accounts. Some banks once in a while will offer money incentives when you switch from your existing bank, giving you cash direct into your new account.


  • Start your own online business. Many have made a cut from selling on Amazon and eBay – buy stock to re-sell to make a profit. You need some initial capital to begin with to buy stock and pay for selling fees, but you can start small and later invest more when you have made some profit from sales.


  • Offer a service for customers; websites like Fiverr pay you for your creative skills you can offer. For about £5 (you decide how much you will charge) people are offering services such as article writing, designing business logos to more unusual things like singing and recording a song for you!


  • Spend money investing in yourself, in things which will grow your mind, on things of value: books, seminars, developing and honing in on your skills. These things will have a lasting impact and give you valuable return for your money in the long run.


These are just some ideas to help you get started; they are by no means the best or only ways to make and save money.

Once you begin to make money you will be open to more money entering your life, you will discover your own way of making money, playing on your qualities and strengths. Then, making money will no longer be a chore, a means to an end, but a product of your passion.

Sometimes it is not even the end goal of money that is the driving factor for success and happiness, but the feeling of making progress and achievement on our journey that really drives us, gives us purpose and fulfilment.


All content and photos are my own and subject to copyright.


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