Positivity or Foolish Optimism



Positive thinking is often criticized for being unrealistic and detrimental to any real progress. It is thought to be wishful thinking, foolish optimism. But it is by no means foolish but an important tool that enables us to create a life of gratitude, happiness and success. I like to think of positivity as learned optimism (I coin the phrase inspired from Seligman’s  learned helplessness) instead.

Positive thinking and beliefs are the foundation for achievement and success as well as happiness. Together with inspired action, positivity allows us to reach our maximum potential by planting the seeds that we are both capable and worthy of that of which we want to achieve.

Choosing to have a positive outlook can only be beneficial to you so why wouldn’t you do that, and only that?


Reinforcing and repeating negative thoughts over and over again to ourselves can only cement them into absolute truth. So why do that to yourself. STOP. Stop thinking all the bad thoughts, stop feeling sorry for yourself, playing the victim of the situation. Feeling sorry for yourself and giving energy to negative thoughts and feelings that serve you no benefit whatsoever. Self-inflicted pity is toxic and a sure fire way for you to stay in inaction, keep feeling pain and prevent yourself from achieving success.

It’s fine, natural, to think and feel negative in reaction to situations. You should never suppress it but once you experience it, then it is time to move on, don’t keep holding onto it and immersing yourself in it. Let go and stop focusing on the bad.


Life will throw things at us we would rather not have to go through and feeling bad is only natural. But it is up to you to choose what you focus your attention on – the good or the bad?

It is of vital important that you realise your feelings change when you shift your thinking on what you are focusing on. With it is growth and new opportunities for better things to come into your life. When you shift your focus to deliberately think of good things, things that you are grateful for or anything that is going well in your life, you will instantly feel better.

And the better you feel about your life and yourself, the more inspired action you can take to achieve your dreams and success.


You want a good life? Go get it. Stop wallowing in your sorrow. Stop throwing yourself a pity party. Change your thoughts to positive, to ‘I can‘ and take action to change things NOW. You want to lose weight, be in a relationship, have a new job? Take the first step today, progress no matter how small is progress.

Move forward. Look forward to the future that you are creating right now. How do you want that future to be? That is up to you. You can have whatever it is you want, become anything it is you want to become. But you must take full responsibility for the feelings you feel, the thoughts you focus your attention on, and the actions you decide to take. No one is responsible for controlling your mind, your life except you. You must take responsibility for your reality right now. Create the life you want from your thoughts.

You are the only one who can change your life and you have the power to change your life.


All content and photos are my own and subject to copyright. 


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