You (Me)


Relationships are reflections of ourselves. Every situation or problem you find yourself in regarding the relationship, you have created. The issues we think are because of the other person we’re involved with, is really to do with ourselves.

Thoughts of negativity – guilt, anger and blame towards the other person are often a reflection of some deep-seated, negative belief we hold, which materialises into a certain situation because we can only behave and be in a situation which the limits of our conscious knows and will allow.

Our thoughts within the realms of our conscious minds created the thought from nothing. We gave it intent and focus, strengthening it into a belief and bringing its form into creation – a situation. A situation that you find yourself in cannot be created without thought.

If the problems we experience have been created by us – our conscious, then the solution to the problem lies not in some external source, but within our own conscious realm of thought and belief.

So you must look within to see why it is that you feel a certain way, why you react the way you do and why a situation would arise. It may be difficult to accept and believe; but the situations or problems that you find yourself in and stay stuck in because it agrees with some inner belief you hold. You must examine these underlying beliefs for they are keeping you in this very situation. The behaviours which keep you stuck in the situation serve you in some way – to protect yourself from getting hurt or to not have to leave your comfort zone etc, which is true no matter how inconceivable it may seem to you on a surface level. Once you understand this you can discard these negative core beliefs and therefore change your behaviour, which in turn will influence the situation.

Problems themselves are just situations in which we have labelled and attached difficulty to. A situation in itself is not a problem, it is simply the existing current happenings of a particular time and place. Learn to see your problems as situations to which you yourself have attached difficulty to, and you can detach from the difficulty, and just see the problem for what it really is – a situation you are currently in. Once you start doing this, you will find the problem will actually resolve and just goes away by itself.

The people who come to us in our lives have something to teach us, they help us grow in our journey of life. Those in our lives serve to bring awareness to some deeper part of ourselves. People in our path of life are there to challenge us, and to bring out the best version of ourselves no matter how opposite it may seem. It is through challenge that we grow.

When two people are going down the same path, on the same journey, they will be bought together in this wonderful thing we call life. The right person will find you, as you seek them.

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3 thoughts on “You (Me)

    • Hi thank you for your offer, I am really humbled you’d like to write for me. I’m not doing any collaborating at the moment but would love to read some of your stuff! 🙂


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