Comfort Zone.


“Comfort zone is a beautiful place but nothing ever grows there.”

We hate to feel fear but fear keeps us comfortable, as difficult as it may seem to believe. There is comfort in the familiarity of fear, really it is the unknown that scares us.

Our minds are very good at thinking up possible what ifs, the worst case scenarios and all the terrible repercussions if we were to take action; to convince ourselves to not take any action!

Holding onto fear is easier than doing the very thing that will overcome the fear – facing it! So that means in order to overcome fear, we need to feel fear – the very thing we want to avoid!

There will come a critical point in your life where the consequence of you not facing your fear will be more painful than facing the fear itself and so you will take action. It is a wonderfully empowering revelation to that being paralysed by fear and not being able to take action is a lot more scary then facing the fear itself.

If you never face your fears they will always be there. Running away from your fears is never the answer, it just makes things worse.

If you take action to overcome your fears; with persistence and repetition, you will surely overcome them. Each time we expose ourselves to our fear, its power diminishes till eventually we have conquered our fear (this is desensitization).

There is no way around it – to get rid of your fears you have to face them. They won’t go away by themselves. 

Once you have overcome a fear, not only is it a relief but you realise that the thing you feared wasn’t so bad after all. We tend to make up scenarios in our heads, which end up being quite different from the reality we actually experience!

Doing things outside your comfort zone can be hugely beneficial to your deep-seated confidence although it may seem counter-intuitive and very frightening at first. 

It is only when we push ourselves to do the things that make us uncomfortable, do we grow and become comfortable doing them. Without discomfort there is no growth. 

With each new challenge faced and conquered we become a little bit stronger, braver and better. 

The more new experiences, challenges we face, the better equipped we are to deal with new situations that arise in our lives; with calmness, assertiveness and grace. As we face our fears, we build up a tolerance to new situations and raise our fear threshold which can only make us stronger and more aware of ourselves. The fears that once limited you will no longer. And you will be able to cope with much more difficult situations because your tolerance muscles are stronger.

If you don’t face your fears now, you never will. Now is the time to do it! Nothing will be perfect the first time you try something, you facing your fears won’t go smoothly. It’s likely you’ll feel anxious and even embarrass yourself but nothing is perfect. It doesn’t have to be. You will get better over time. Even you facing your fear is very brave and a huge achievement. So be proud of that!

Be courageous. Take the first step towards facing your fear, say yes! to new things, go out of your comfort zone and your life will miraculously transform!

All content belongs to the author and is subject to copyright. 


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