Choosing Love


Sometimes in life things happen to us that leave us so very hurt and seem impossible to heal. There will be pain in life and we can’t really avoid it but whether or not we suffer is our choice.

In the most painful and trying of situations, choosing love is always the best thing to do as difficult or illogical as it may be. Love is the only thing that can set you free. When you hold on to your anger, your resentment, and your bitterness, there is no room for love and no room for feeling better.

Love and forgiveness is more for yourself than the other person. When you give love, forgiveness and even gratitude for a situation or someone who hurt you; you heal. When you can give love regardless of the situation, regardless of the outcome, free from expectations; then you will have inner peace. When we love we come from a higher place of self, our true self. It is in the core of our being to love.

So right now if you are hurt by something in life, feel bitter and sad; be still and let yourself feel all these emotions, give love even though you are hurting. Give love to yourself, to the situation and to the other person. This is the best  thing you can do to for yourself, to heal and move forward. Things will get better.

Forgive and love, let love heal.

To love and be loved is the greatest thing. Love yourself and love others. Love because it will make you whole. Love because it makes you alive.

Give love and do not give up on love.

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