Writing: The Best Antidote.


Writing is good. Writing is the best antidote to problems, situations or thoughts we can’t let go of.

Writing is better than ‘thinking things through’. Thinking is conflicting, confusing and inconclusive. We have tens of thousands of thoughts a day racing through our minds, decisions that bounce back and forth with no progress, no resolution – no real result.

We’re left not feeling any better than before we gave the problem a lot of thought. It’s no wonder we would rather avoid thinking about our problems.

But writing is different because it forces you to focus on one thing at a time, become aware of your thoughts and feelings which will help you find solutions by enabling you to have a more objective viewpoint (almost like third person) when you read back.

Writing helps us to organize, to make sense and to compose our thoughts and feelings. In writing you can be open and honest because it’s only for yourself, no one will judge you. After you have written down and exhausted all your thoughts and feelings, you will have made some sort of sense of your thoughts and feelings about the matter – come to some sort of conclusion or other.

There is something profound about writing, something resolute and absolute about pen to paper. Express yourself clearly and precisely. Write with the intention of finding clarity in conclusion.

When you write from your heart, a huge weight will feel like it’s been lifted bringing you calm and inner peace. Journal how you feel, the thoughts you have about a certain problem, dilemma or something that is bothering you. Try it. You’ll feel lighter.

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