Lala Land

*Warning spoilers alert* Recently I went to see the 14-Oscar award nominated film, Lala Land. I hadn't actually heard much about it or seen the trailer; being the un- (pop)cultured person I am; so went in with no expectations. I hadn't read the synopsis and had no idea what the film was about except that it was … Continue reading Lala Land


Tidying Up Your Life: A KonMari Method

You made of heard of the New York Times best seller The Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo. It is a book about an otherwise uninspiring and boring topic - tidying. The book shares a profound and unique perspective on the everyday task of tidying, revealing a plethora of insights. The basic, fundamental concept of tidying is … Continue reading Tidying Up Your Life: A KonMari Method


Meditation can appear to be a mysterious, elusive topic that got many fascinated. Meditation has moved from spiritual, being exclusive to practices of Buddhist monks to the average, unassuming public, probably because of popular culture of the practice of mindfulness which is a good thing in fact! The more open people are to other views, the more people … Continue reading Meditation


Recently I did some volunteering over the Christmas period for Shelter, a charity providing advocacy in housing rights for homeless people in the UK. I worked on the shop floor re-arranging bric-a-brac and ornaments to make nicely presented displays, sorting through the rails of generously donated clothing, signing people up for Gift Aid ( charities are able … Continue reading Volunteering