2016: A Year in Review

My year ended much like it began – with a bang, champagne bottles being popped, confetti swirling, falling from the ceiling into a massive crowd of people below.

2016 was an eventful year with its ups and downs. I had a lot of highs – love, friendship, adventure and fun. Everything was good in all the areas of my life. The beginning of 2016 was amazing – I met someone wonderful, made great new friends, had many fun, crazy and silly moments. It was a fun and exciting time. Everything was new and fresh. My life was great. And then the second half of the year was complete opposite. I became deeply disconnected with the world and had no idea of who I was. I felt bitter and closed. Nothing was ever funny any more. I had sunk to bottom and lost myself in the depths of my pain.

Then as the months passed, one by one, I decided I could not go on like this anymore and I made a commitment that I would love and accept myself and try to be happy. And so I put all my energy into getting my life together, back on track. I read a lot of books – I started reading again, I watched lots of motivational videos and listened to lots of inspiring talks. I made effort to meet friends, go out and try new things, go out of my comfort zone and do the things I used to enjoy.

Over time I got better, slowly but surely. I sunk to bottom but elevated till I made it. Through it all, I have grown, from the good and the bad. The happy experiences made me light and carefree; my most joyful self, the difficult ones taught me to love deeper; to be my best, loving self. The painful experiences made me find myself; to become my better true self – to become much more than I was a year ago.

I can look back satisfied, at 2016, and say that I achieved a lot. I learnt how to love, to care for someone much deeply than I ever had before, met some amazing, wonderful people and made friends for life, passed the toughest year of university of my degree, went to see my favourite band The 1975 play at a concert in London, started going to the gym at least three times a week, worked and saved in the summer, began writing my daily gratitude journal, visited the beautiful city of Paris and all its wonderful attractions, started reading and learning about business, psychology and personal development, gotten more in touch with my entrepreneurial side, attended personal skill development workshops, volunteered in a charity shop for Christmas and rekindled friendships with old friends. Towards the end of the year I started writing for my blog The Days Muse regularly, wrote countless draft articles, published twenty three that I was happy with, and began writing for other blogs (TheSeeds4Life); which has been one of the most rewarding things I have done. Through writing I was able to find myself. I am so glad I started writing again, it makes me feel blessed to I think I am able to inspire and uplift others with my own words and experiences.

Although I am not exactly where I want to be, I am proud of how far I have come and all that I have been through. I am grateful for all the experiences of 2016, that have helped me to grow and become my better self.

I know this year will be even better than the last because I will make it better. Now I raise my standards, change my shoulds to musts and aim higher. I make SMART goals to achieve my resolutions and rituals to form lasting habits. I focus on one thing at a time, in my personal life and in my work life, to make all others unnecessary or easier. I choose to focus my attention on positive, empowering beliefs and away from disempowering beliefs.

In 2017 I will make and save money, travel, meet new people, create opportunities, learn new things, continue to be grateful every day, improve my writing and write when I have any opportunity to, and grow as I continue to work on becoming my best self.

I hope 2017 brings much love, joy and happiness but also experiences that will help me to grow and allow me to help others. I raise my champagne glass to 2017, may it be a blessed year.
Happy new year! 


All words are my own and subject to ©


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