The Past, Present and Future


Learning from the past for makes for a better life, not learning leaves us falling into the same old patterns again, thinking why does this always happen to me? Repeating the same old behaviours is not going to change the experiences we have so therefore we must change our behaviours to get different results, but equally we must become aware of our behaviours in the first place to change them! And so that is why it is important to reflect on the past objectively with less emotional attachment, less judgement of ourselves and others.

If the past was bad, no big deal. The past is past. What happened happened, accept it. Again, it’s important to think about what went wrong, not in a blaming or negative way but a constructive way that will help you grow and better manage similar situations later.

Don’t be so hard on yourself if you made a mistake or anyone else for that matter. You behaved in that way because of; the situation, what you thought was the appropriate way to behave, and because of the person you were then. Now that you look back at that in regret means you have grown and have the humility to see your faults.

If the past was good, then great, cherish those memories and look back and again, reflect.  Why were things so great at that time? What things were you doing? What worked? How can you apply what you learnt from those experiences to your life now?

Once we’ve dealt with the past, learnt from our mistakes it’s time to move on. the past is gone, the future, somewhere in the far distance is not here yet. What is important and real is the present. It is imperative we realise this.

It is fine – good, to work towards goals so we can achieve what we desire. Dreams are important, we must have goals, motivation and purpose in order to live fulfilling lives. So the future is important but the journey there is just as important.

It’s no good sacrificing all your happiness now, for a distant goal that may or may not happen or for a future that is not guaranteed. If your goal requires you to  sacrifice your happiness now then it is likely that the goal you seek will not bring you true happiness if the journey there doesn’t even bring you some joy.  Of course there will be sacrifices and compromises along the way to achieving your goals, that is a given. But that should not mean you cannot feel happy and fulfilled along the way! Don’t take anything or anyone in your life for granted, find gratitude and meaning for every day things because one day you’ll look back and realise that these little things are what made your life.

So no matter what you are doing, where you are compared to where you want to be in your life – no matter how far – you should always make a conscious effort to appreciate what you have now, make it great or good as it can be with your current circumstances, and move towards  your goals with a positive attitude.

Life’s a gift – enjoy the present. 

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