Excellence, a Habit.


“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence is not an act, but a habit.” Aristotle

Most of us are not simply born good at things, although you could say that there is the rare occasion of talent. But even talent alone is not enough to make someone exceptional. Someone who is talented is not as good as someone who puts in an extraordinary amount of effort honing in on their skills day in, day out.

To get better, to be considered ‘exceptional‘ at something hard work and effort is required. Research shows that it takes 10,000 hours on average to become an expert at something. You can begin to imagine what this means on a day to day level and how many years it takes to build expertise.

So next time you admire someone for their skill, realise how much they’ve worked for it behind closed doors, unknowingly to the public’s eye. Private victories must be won before public victories.

You too can achieve great things, your own victories if are you willing commit and put in the hours. If you are serious about your goals, then there is no reason why you cannot achieve them.

Success is unbiased in the sense does not only come to those who are naturally gifted or have an affluent or advantageous background, although it would be ignorant to disregard them as being an advantage. Skill and the requisite for success; is simply a result of how much effort, time and practise you’ve done honing in on them, doing the right thing at the right time (opportunity).

Without practise, you’re not going to improve. You’re not going to make less mistakes without some trial and error first. You want to become a writer – write, you want to have more friends – you have to be more sociable and actually practise your people skills, you want to become fit – you have to go to the gym every (other) day.

There’s not a magic formula to success. It’s really simple – commitment, practise and time. You must practise. Practise makes progress.


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