Love is Patient, Love is Kind

Sitting in a cafe I see a man coming in, pushing his wife in a wheelchair. He is not young, he is balding, not much hair left on his head. She is slouched to one side, she isn’t able to move much. He wheels the chair to a table by the window and parks the wheelchair there, leaving his wife. The man goes to the till and brings back a tray carrying a coffee and a snack of some sort. He sits on the sofa chair facing the window. They sit there together, him drinking his coffee and gazing out the window with her by his side. He feeds her, his manner mild and gentle. They sit close together, silently in their own world amongst a hubbub of voices and music playing in the background. They don’t need to converse, their love speaks volumes. After some while, they finish eating and he gets up and pushes her in her wheelchair to leave, just as they came.

Moments like these in life – small, quiet moments between people when the world is passing by; evokes something deep within. And realizations of what is important in life reveal themselves. Seeing love like that  touches the heart.

Love isn’t euphoria and seeing the world through rose-tinted spectacles when things are easy and blissful. It is sacrifice, staying when the going gets tough and fighting against struggle together, not giving up. That is real love.

Love is the greatest thing that will uplift you when you are down. Love will save you when you can’t save yourself.


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