Tidying Up Your Life: A KonMari Method

You made of heard of the New York Times best seller The Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo. It is a book about an otherwise uninspiring and boring topic – tidying. The book shares a profound and unique perspective on the everyday task of tidying, revealing a plethora of insights.

The basic, fundamental concept of tidying is that your possessions should “spark joy“. You should love the objects you own and they should make you feel happy in your heart.

Your living space is a representation of your life and mind. In the simplest of explanations, tidying one’s clutter declutters one’s mind. Your possessions, your living space should create an environment that elicits and cultivates your passions and dreams (of the heart and mind). You cannot be at your best if you live a physically cluttered life. It is necessary to harmonise your living space to the lifestyle which you would like to have (regardless of if you do currently).

Keep what you love and throw away the rest. There is no benefit of holding on to objects that no longer spark joy in your heart, for this just leads to living an uninspired life out of fear and uncertainty. Throwing belongings that you no longer love allows for the resolution of any personal underlying issues you may or may not be aware of, and creates space for new to enter your life.  Qualities of assertiveness, certainty and confidence are cultivated within you. This may sound an exaggerated and ambitious return for something so trivial but remarkably; small changes can transcend and permeate our whole being and grow us.

The process of tidying itself, as brilliantly outlined in Kon Mari’s The Magic of Tidying Up, is of paramount importance. The book teaches several techniques to tidy, some of which will resonate with you and others that may not.

Mari also makes an interesting point that tidying is different from cleaning – removing dirt from things and re-arranging – which is what most of us do when we say we’re tidying. Re-arranging isn’t the same as tidying – throwing things we don’t need, things that we don’t love. It is simply placing objects in different locations or in storage in attempts to make our living spaces look more presentable – usually what happens when we have guests coming over!

Contrary to popular belief, tidying need not be a chore but only to be done once and even something to enjoy! Once you’ve tidied, you’ll never have to tidy again, you’ll only put things back in their rightful place and your house will never become cluttered again if you tidy properly! This may sound like wishful thinking, unattainable and unpractical but the book makes sure to comprehensively explain the concepts, the mindset and the deeper meaning behind tidying. So you are able to first appreciate and understand why the method works. After reading, you’ll understand how it is quite possible to declutter your life and mind, and you’ll never have to tidy in your life again! You just need to have an open mind and be willing to try.

Tidying is an art, a form of self-refinement and expression. If you tidy with the intention of sparking joy, your life will spark joy.

(For more information and a detailed explanation of the KonMari method of tidying up refer to The Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo, available online from all good retailers.)


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