The Journey of Happiness


In a culture filled with motivational, self help and personal development; happiness is a highly sought after commodity. We think once we make money,buy that new car, find a relationship or achieve x,y,z (the list goes on…) then we’ll finally be happy.

But once we get what we want, we find our initial excitement and happiness fades and we start feeling dissatisfied. And so we re-create our wish lists with bigger, more extravagant things and loftier goals in hopes of getting a hit of happiness again.

Paradoxically happiness eludes us the more we try to chase it in our endeavors to achieve new, bigger and better. Happiness is not a final destination where we arrive at upon achievement of our goals but it is an ongoing journey of development of self, within.

In a way you have to work to be happy, by being grateful continuously for what you have. If you are not grateful; what once made you happy will no longer and you become stagnant. An ungrateful mindset – not being consciously aware and expressing gratitude leads to dissatisfaction, no matter how much you receive. Whereas the opposite – a grateful mindset for the present, enables you to have an abundance of joy and fulfilment, and empowers you to create your future.

Keep walking along the path of happiness with gratitude, and enjoy the trip!


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6 thoughts on “The Journey of Happiness

  1. Beautifully written. Happiness is not the destination but the journey. Happiness is a feeling like sadness..We should never feel like being rich we will be happy, we’ll be always asking for more. We should be rich in kindness and love, that will definitely make us more happy!!

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