Camden: A London Experience

Recently I visited Camden Lock, a vibrant hotspot in London, Borough of Camden next to Regent’s canal for tourists and locals alike. Packed with a vast array of stalls selling arts, crafts, culture goods and cuisine from all over the world, Camden offers something for everyone.

My sister had a stall in Camden one weekend selling her jewellery and so I came along to help. I met lots of interesting and wonderful people from all over the world and made friends with the other stall owners who had their own compelling story. I had the pleasure of trying all sorts of foods and eating to my heart’s content that I probably ate my weight’s worth of food, especially as the stall owners were so kind and kept offering me free food!

8:30AM: A sleepy Camden wakes.

The Stables Market.

Cuisine from all over the world in Middle Yard.

Camden Road is unlike any other with its quirky, weird and wonderful 3D wall art.

Trying a toffee and pistachio cronut (croissant and donut).

A classic custard-filled, chocolate hazelnut donut.

All the donuts you could want in the world!

Spanish seafood paella cooked fresh in a huge outdoor wok.


Freshly, hand-rolled, authentic flat pasta, served from a giant block of Parmesan!


Inside the lovely bookshop Iconica, full of treasured classics and memorabilia.


Cool and hip Camden decor.

Jewellers assemble indoors.


An amazingly refreshing and healthy  watermelon and strawberry juice, perfect for detoxing and cleansing from The Good Yard.

Amazing deep-fried halloumi fries served with pomegranate seeds, chilli, coriander and greek yogurt topping from Oli Baba’s.


The famous vegan- and gluten-free bakery Cookies and Scream.


Forms,  gem of a find tucked away in the hustle and bustle of Camden where modern contemporary meets Japanese influences. Forms sells homeware, stationary and miscellaneous, all things beautiful and expressive.

Yummy fresh calamari rings with sliced lemon and coriander dressing from Crispy Squid.


A delicious and super healthy Italian flat bread wrap hand-rolled and filled with grilled courgettes, tomatoes, lettuce, gherkin and home-made green pesto paste from real, Italian street food stall, Mr Piadina.

Classic sugar churros with a good helping of nutella for dipping.

Yumchaa cafe. The cafe names borrows the phrase “Yum Cha”  from Cantonese, meaning to “drink tea” literally, and has a fun spin on the phrase to take it to mean tasty tea.

Regent’s Park: a loose leaf tea with a sweet, aromatic blend of papaya, raspberries, strawberries, rose petals with Chinese green tea. One of Yumchaa’s best selling teas and a now favourite of mine.

Fragrant, aromatic herbal loose leaf teas from Yumchaa’s range.

The most delicious pork and halloumi wrap, freshly grilled and cooked in front of you from The Grilling Greek, an authentic Greek style street food stall.

Famous, award-winning hot chocolate with marshmallow fluff and warmie (brownie served with ice cream made from the Nitrogen kitchen labs!) from Chin Chin Labs.

The finishing touch: flame burning marshmallow fluff.

Perfect for a chilly winter’s day!

Camden coming alive at night.

A wonderful end: a magical lit up Camden at night. Time to say goodbye – until next time!

If you are visiting London and haven’t had the chance to visit Camden yet, you must. It is amazing! Camden makes for a great day out if you want a lively and exciting atmosphere, unique and quirky stalls, amazing world cuisine and something different!


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