A Walk

I’m scared of the cemetery
But you walking there next to me
Comforts me.

My mind paints a memory,
More poignant and beautiful.

With you I was always safe—
Safe because I never took risks.

I say I want time to think.
I’m thinking now.

I imagined I took you to China,
Being proper tourists,
My relatives older.

I imagined us in a motel in America,
Neon lights glowing in my mind—
My mind feels so weird,
Thinking such thoughts
It never does.

I thought the past with you
And got transported to the fairies.

I’m so high,
I think I love you.

But there is no parallel reality
If you’re not by my side.

Then I thought about deatheaters near us—
Us in a virtual psychopath reality,
A movie scene.
Then it wasn’t so beautiful.

My head spins.
I feel tingly.
My mouth is dry,
With words I cannot verbalize.


All contents belong to the author and are subject to copyright. 


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