Stem upright and proud Pointing towards heaven. Mystical beauty Strong and unyielding, Strength to lift up grown men. Flexible, bending in changing winds, Roots grounded. Leaves, lustrous green, Full of eternal life.   (A poem about bamboo, scared and adored in ancient Chinese culture for its strength, resilience and flexibility. Bamboo symbolises grace, longevity and … Continue reading Bamboo


The Servant, The Master

His manners, cool and aloof— unaffected. Character, assertive and self-assured. Proud and prejudiced, his ways Yet seemingly noble in others. I convinced my heart he had My best interest in his. Though stuck in his old ways, Never once did I question, Though master I was. All my life, all his life He had served me. … Continue reading The Servant, The Master


Warm rays of Sun dance, golden and bright, The Sun shines happily. Clear bright, blue skies, A cloudless vast expanse above. Step outside into the Sun, The first day of spring it feels like. I feel hopeful optimism, Some sort of magic In the air, Though it's just another day. Close my eyes Bask in … Continue reading Spring


At the alter I will not falter, For I— I spent some part of my life In contemptuous strife. Pray heavens above, Grant me love, A soul complete of a man whom I shall meet. By righteous virtue I would never hurt you But lift your spirits Beyond your limits And bring you back down … Continue reading Commitment


And maybe forever you'll think I'm weird But you don't know me, I don't know myself Until I search To come to know myself. You're not "normal" But nor am I, So we attracted, Reflect. But it doesn't matter what you think Because I'm changing what I think (You should do the same).   Content … Continue reading Normal


I swapped Partying for poetry, Drinking for gym, Shopping for studying, Buying for books, Inaction for action, Complaining for contemplation. I gave up Avoidance for assertiveness, Expectations for experience, Perfection for productivity, Fakery for fulfilment, Pride for purpose, Indecisiveness for intuition, Aversion for awareness, Ego for expression, Validation for value, Impressing for introspection. Doubts for … Continue reading Transformation

I Gave Up (Part I)

I gave up Pondering the past painfully, Figuring out the future fruitlessly, And gave Presence to the present persistently. I gave up Justifying the journey judgingly, Defining the destination defiantly, And found Joyful jubilance in the journey, And destination, Divine.   Content belongs to the author and is subject to copyright.