When putting on a plastic mask would
Make you so excited—
Animated, acting as a
Silent character in a play.

When walking back to school
On a mild, warm summer day
With a light breeze,
Felt like bliss.

When life was so big that
Driving on the motorway
To a friend’s birthday party,
Felt like a magical land faraway,
When we were living in a small world.

When supply teacher Miss Tracy
from Boston made us
So happy
Because she was so nice and
So sad
When she left, that we cried.

When our teacher
Said he’d say goodbye and hug her
When we had all gone,
When those sorts of things
Between adults
Were inappropriate for children.

When at lunchtimes we’d sit on tiny rocks
In the school garden
And have lunch together,
Knees touching.

When we were awarded golden certificates
For our good behaviour—
Applauded by the audience,
We felt so proud
When we got up to receive them.

When we found out
Our teacher could read people’s auroras
But not Children’s,
So we thought we were clever,
Asking “What colour will my aura when I’m an adult?”

When we found magic in the real,
Felt in awe of the ordinary,
Saw beauty in the plain,
Joy in simple things.

When we looked at life through
Bright eyes.



All content belongs to the author and is subject to copyright. 


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