I Can’t Go Back to Yesterday

A written publication for The Seeds 4 Life.

I Can’t Go Back to Yesterday Because I Was a Different Person Then” – Alice, in Wonderland.

Life experiences – often painful ones, have a big impact on our lives and change us profoundly, leaving us a different person.

It can be hard letting go of the past and we find ourselves wanting to go back to the past when things were better, more comfortable and familiar. But the past is past. Life changes, and life changes us. We have to accept that. There is no point ruminating or indulging in the past, and equally no point feeling of sorry for yourself about the trials and tribulations of yesterday. Living in the past and looking backward won’t move you forwards in life.

Change is inevitable and we cannot always anticipate it but we can choose how we respond to it. Accept change for what it is, learn to embrace it.

Change is an opportunity for growth and allows us to transform. We get another chance, another shot in life, a blank canvas for us to write the next chapter of the story of our lives – a better story. But we are the ones who decide how we change with change – for better or worse. Don’t be a spectator of your life. You are the one responsible for creating the life you want.

Life gives us both good and bad experiences but it’s up to us to choose how they define us. So who will you choose to be?


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