A Life Well Lived

An old photograph,
Black and white,
Small in size
With a corrugated border.
A young man sits on the wheel of
A classic bicycle,
Handlebars high,
A round bell, nostalgic.

Behind, a brick wall with
An open dark door,
Beneath, concrete stone floor.
A single squared uncovered
Of the framed sash window.

Collared shirt,
Smart suit, smart shoes,
Feet off the ground, in the air

Guitar in hand posing,
Looking natural,
Cool and indifferent
He stares
Into the camera lens.

A younger you
I can barely recognise.
A head full of hair,
An oval face long,
Brows arched,
A straight nose—
My nose.

The photo tells a story, your story
One I don’t know.
I’m glad you had your own life before,
Of what appears to be
A life well lived.

You never thought much of
Just another day
But I will celebrate life
For you,
Happy birthday dad.


Written content belongs to the author and is subject to copyright.


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