I swapped
Partying for poetry,
Drinking for gym,
Shopping for studying,
Buying for books,
Inaction for action,
Complaining for contemplation.

I gave up
Avoidance for assertiveness,
Expectations for experience,
Perfection for productivity,
Fakery for fulfilment,
Pride for purpose,
Indecisiveness for intuition,
Aversion for awareness,
Ego for expression,
Validation for value,
Impressing for introspection.
Doubts for dreams.

I gave
Thought to tidying,
Meaning to mistakes,
Purpose to pain,
Hope to hopelessness,
Kindness to criticism,
Gratitude to the granted,
Presence to the present,
Mindfulness to moment,
Meditation to Mind,
Freedom to the finite,
Love for life.

Content belongs to the author and is subject to copyright. 


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