I would let him get away
With disappointing dismay.

Annoying as he was
I couldn’t shake him off.
I was fond of him,
And could not part
On my part,
He was my phantom limb.

He was naughty,
Playing tricks on me
With childish glee,
That I—
I was silly enough to believe.

His moods different hues,
Fits and tantrums, he threw
Yet his persuasiveness, endearing
And nature, compelling
As if he was selling.

A couple of bananas,
Distract only momentarily,
Before returning to turn,
My life
Upside down inside out
— I never learn.

Even bananas could not bribe
Him to be on my side.
He always had a way with me,
So that I’d see to agree.

Maybe it’s time to leave behind,
Monkey mind.


Written content belongs to the author and is subject to copyright. 


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