My Experience of Meditation

I wrote a post on meditation a while ago, back in January this year. Since then I have practised meditation daily – forcing myself to sit down and meditate every day, even when I really don’t feel like doing it because I KNOW it is good for me, for my mind and that then, it is when I need it the most.

At some point my meditations were very deep – profound. I felt out of my body at times, and as if I was being from another level of consciousness. This was during my darker times, when I felt the worst. I don’t know why it is then, that this is when meditation would feel more profound and more “deep”. Since then, I rarely feel these kind of feelings from mediating, perhaps it is because I don’t meditate for as long (now I set the timer for around ten minutes, whereas before I would just meditate with no time limit, so could of easily been meditating an hour or so without realising) or perhaps it is because now that I have made the habit that I am seeing – living the effects.

I am sure meditation has helped me – helped me to be more grounded, less reactive to my emotions, more calm and more observant. For me, choosing to meditate is choosing to let my mind relax and also to improve its well-being. When things get hectic and there are countless things to do in the day, meditation is that little head space that allows you to just breathe, to take a break from the rush and stresses of daily life. I just have to force myself to meditate even when I think it is “not working” or that it’s not deep anymore because with meditation there is no right or wrong, there is no judgement, only the breath, only the present.


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