Being in a Funk

Sometimes you just feel down, in a funk for no particular reason – nothing bad has happened for you to feel this way, everything is just so so, life is okay. I used to feel bad when I felt this way, I thought something was wrong with me to not feel positive, happy and excited about life. The more I tried to fight these feelings, the worse I would feel – feelings of anxiety, hopelessness, sadness would just be added to the funk feeling. I was too focused on feeling a certain way about my feelings.

Over time I noticed that I began to feel calmer and that when I did feel not so good, that when didn’t resist it and accepted it, I realised that feel not so great is normal. It is a normal part of life. Not every moment is exciting and fun. There are periods of joy and excitement, but there are also periods of stagnation, of uncertainty in between these high moments when you need some time to sit with your emotions. The negative feelings and emotions are not permanent, they will come and go, just as with positive feelings. The richness of human emotion and life allows us to experience both. We need both to experience the other.

So learn to accept, to sit with and fully embrace your emotions. When you just let them be and don’t fight them, there is inner calm and you feel at peace. And then you will begin to understand that in acceptance change happens.


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