Keeping Up Appearances

Appearances, self image, how we view ourselves is paramount and affects us in everything we do. Yet our physical appearance and how others see us, can be very different from how we view ourselves - our self image. We all hold certain beliefs about ourselves, which manifests as particular traits we believe are part of … Continue reading Keeping Up Appearances


Being in a Funk

Sometimes you just feel down, in a funk for no particular reason - nothing bad has happened for you to feel this way, everything is just so so, life is okay. I used to feel bad when I felt this way, I thought something was wrong with me to not feel positive, happy and excited … Continue reading Being in a Funk


I haven't been writing on this blog for a while because I've been very busy recently with uni, work and everything in between. Somewhere in all the business and rush of life, I realise  that I am not being present but looking forward to the future rushing towards me or the past that does not … Continue reading 12.07.17


  Travel far and wide Cross continents, countries, cities To the other side Where adventure awaits, Heaven on earth life opens its gates For you, creator of fates. May your travels uplift Your spirit in divinity, Beyond human limit and infinity And, you find yourself, In a world of wondrous wealth. Love, peace, happiness— Céleste. … Continue reading Céleste


And in the blink of an eye Time flies, Soon we say goodbye, Too soon. They say if time goes fast It will not last, At least I'll have fun. But if time is going slow, Does that mean I'm low? Either way you never know Unless you have something to show. All content belongs … Continue reading Time