For Those Who Don’t have a Dream

For those who have concrete dreams, goals of things they want, it is easier to know how they might get there because they know the end point they want to arrive at. But what about those who aren't quite sure what they want, what their passions and dreams are?  A friend of mine said something … Continue reading For Those Who Don’t have a Dream


A Little Note of Thanks

I have been contemplating a lot about the past year, a rollercoaster year of highs and lows and I realised that the one big thing that makes me feel happy is being grateful. Every day since a year or so ago, I made it a habit to be grateful for things in my day. In … Continue reading A Little Note of Thanks


I haven't been writing on this blog for a while because I've been very busy recently with uni, work and everything in between. Somewhere in all the business and rush of life, I realise  that I am not being present but looking forward to the future rushing towards me or the past that does not … Continue reading 12.07.17


I grew up in a box, The four walls surrounding, Kept me safe, From harm, from danger Of a troubled world outside. The ground carpeted, Soft beneath my feet, To soften my grazes, my falls, The floor steady. The ceiling, the limit, Walls spotless white For pictures for others to paint — From loved ones to … Continue reading Box.