Dying Regrets, Living Regrets

I watched a TED talk recently about living to not regret anything. In it, Iman Aghay talks about his own experience of near death in his youth and the profound impact it had on his perspective of life and the life he had so far lived. Upon his miraculous recovery he felt deeply grateful to … Continue reading Dying Regrets, Living Regrets


Keeping Up Appearances

Appearances, self image, how we view ourselves is paramount and affects us in everything we do. Yet our physical appearance and how others see us, can be very different from how we view ourselves - our self image. We all hold certain beliefs about ourselves, which manifests as particular traits we believe are part of … Continue reading Keeping Up Appearances

Summer’s Bliss

Cotton candy, pastel hue skies, California movie scene, Boulevard of dreams. Moving through air, sailing Motionless Still, in time. A moment in time, Endless infinity. Lightly drifting Down a path winding, Floating gentle Into a soft haze abyss Of summer's bliss.   Written content belongs to the author and is subject to copyright.