A Little Note of Thanks

I have been contemplating a lot about the past year, a rollercoaster year of highs and lows and I realised that the one big thing that makes me feel happy is being grateful. Every day since a year or so ago, I made it a habit to be grateful for things in my day. In … Continue reading A Little Note of Thanks



I haven't been writing on this blog for a while because I've been very busy recently with uni, work and everything in between. Somewhere in all the business and rush of life, I realise  that I am not being present but looking forward to the future rushing towards me or the past that does not … Continue reading 12.07.17


Recently I did some volunteering over the Christmas period for Shelter, a charity providing advocacy in housing rights for homeless people in the UK. I worked on the shop floor re-arranging bric-a-brac and ornaments to make nicely presented displays, sorting through the rails of generously donated clothing, signing people up for Gift Aid ( charities are able … Continue reading Volunteering