End of 2018

It's coming to the end of 2018. The beginning of the year feels like a long time ago. I was still at university, at the beginning of my fifth and final year - the beginning of the end - an end that was never near enough in sight. But now as I approach the new … Continue reading End of 2018



I grew up in a box, The four walls surrounding, Kept me safe, From harm, from danger Of a troubled world outside. The ground carpeted, Soft beneath my feet, To soften my grazes, my falls, The floor steady. The ceiling, the limit, Walls spotless white For pictures for others to paint — From loved ones to … Continue reading Box.

Garden of the Mind

Tend to the weeds that sprout  from beneath your feet,  their roots planted in the ground  growing, stems gnarled throwing shadows,  consuming light until,  there is no light — only an undergrowth of darkness.  z.b. 

Hundred Blue Moons

Some hundred blue moons later, I thought of what I wanted to say, Words unspoken From heart, from mind Or somewhere in between But by then It was too late And so words remain unspoken. Written content belongs to the author and is subject to copyright


And in the blink of an eye Time flies, Soon we say goodbye, Too soon. They say if time goes fast It will not last, At least I'll have fun. But if time is going slow, Does that mean I'm low? Either way you never know Unless you have something to show. All content belongs … Continue reading Time