Sometimes we feel stuck, and we feel bad when we look at how well others are doing, other people with the life, body, career that we wish we had. But to compare yourself with anyone except yourself is not a fair comparison. How could it ever be? You should not be competing with anyone but … Continue reading Comparison


Meditation: A Daily Escape

In this digital day and age, we are constantly bombarded with information, and social interaction online and offline, it's no wonder we feel overwhelmed. Even if we are a good, cup half-full kind of busy, we can still feel overwhelmed. So what can we do — do we say no to things in attempt to have some … Continue reading Meditation: A Daily Escape


I swapped Partying for poetry, Drinking for gym, Shopping for studying, Buying for books, Inaction for action, Complaining for contemplation. I gave up Avoidance for assertiveness, Expectations for experience, Perfection for productivity, Fakery for fulfilment, Pride for purpose, Indecisiveness for intuition, Aversion for awareness, Ego for expression, Validation for value, Impressing for introspection. Doubts for … Continue reading Transformation