Meditation can appear to be a mysterious, elusive topic that got many fascinated. Meditation has moved from spiritual, being exclusive to practices of Buddhist monks to the average, unassuming public, probably because of popular culture of the practice of mindfulness which is a good thing in fact! The more open people are to other views, the more people … Continue reading Meditation


Writing: The Best Antidote.

Writing is good. Writing is the best antidote to problems, situations or thoughts we can't let go of. Writing is better than 'thinking things through'. Thinking is conflicting, confusing and inconclusive. We have tens of thousands of thoughts a day racing through our minds, decisions that bounce back and forth with no progress, no resolution … Continue reading Writing: The Best Antidote.

You (Me)

Relationships are reflections of ourselves. Every situation or problem you find yourself in regarding the relationship, you have created. The issues we think are because of the other person we're involved with, is really to do with ourselves. Thoughts of negativity - guilt, anger and blame towards the other person are often a reflection of … Continue reading You (Me)